Information on Reserving Space at Mayday

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How do I submit a request to book space at Mayday?

You can submit a booking request by filling out this form. Once we receive the form, we will email you confirmation and our Space Usage Agreement.

When can I come look at the space?

We are open for space visits on Mondays from 5-9pm and by prior arrangement.

What kinds of events can I host at Mayday?

Here are some of the public programming activities we envision taking place at Mayday:

Book Talks & Film Screenings
DJed Parties & Live Music
Political Education/Panel Discussions & Debates
Leadership Development Trainings
Neighborhood Assemblies
Organizing Meetings & Retreats
Theater, Performance & Rehearsal
Game/Trivia Nights
Art Openings & Art Production
Legal/Know Your Rights Workshops
Communal/Potluck Meals
Skillshare Workshops
Health, Nutrition & Fitness Classes
Children/Youth Activities
Tech/Computer Trainings & Hacker Labs

Private events can include: Wedding ceremonies and receptions, baby showers and birthdays, fundraisers and seated dinners, and other celebratory occasions (to be determined at the discretion of Mayday) are permitted.

How much does it cost to use the space?

We ask groups to make a contribution to offset the costs of running the space. The sliding-scale rates are based on the following time blocks for the rooms available.

2nd Floor


Time blocks Low rate (per hour) Normal rate (per hour) High rate (per hour)
Weekdays (M-F; 10am-5pm) $10 $20 $30
up to 30 ppl Weeknights (Sun-Thurs; 5pm-10pm $15 $30 $45
Sat / Sun day events (10am-5pm) $20 $40 $60
Fri / Sat night events (5pm-12am) $30 $60 $90
3rd Fl Ballroom Time blocks Low rate (per hour) Normal rate (per hour) High rate (per hour)
Weekdays (M-F; 10am-5pm) $20 $40 $60
up to 200 ppl Weeknights (Sun-Thurs; 5pm-10pm $30 $60 $90
Sat / Sun day events (10am-5pm) $40 $80 $120
Fri / Sat night events (5pm-12am) $60 $120 $180

Public-facing educational, cultural, community or movement programming takes precedent over private events, unless such events are scheduled by either of the two congregations we share the building with. When there are two “outside” parties requesting the same space, Mayday will give priority to programming aligned with our social justice mission.

How far in advance do I need to book a space?

Events are booked based on availability.  As much as possible, we ask people to book and pay for events at least a week before the event.  Usage of the 3rd floor ballroom should ideally be reserved a month in advance.

How do you determine sliding-scale?

Financial contributions vary depending on the time slot, the room(s) requested, the budget of the host, and the mission of the event. We offer sliding-scale rates to make sure that individuals or organizations with little to no budget can still contribute to community programming. Not all our programming can be the low-end of sliding scale, however.

  • Low end: All volunteer; providing a free community service
  • Mid-range: Most individuals and orgs with a grassroots–moderate budget.
  • High end: Private events; fee-based classes; orgs with bigger budgets

Why do you ask for financial contributions to use the space?

Our goal is to provide as much programming and access to our space free of charge in order to remove barriers to participation and to advance our commitment to non-commodified relationships. Unfortunately, due to NYC’s high costs, this can only be achieved if we have enough financial support from individual and institutional supporters, and revenue generated from space-booking contributions. Over time, we may adjust rates to best reflect the balance between fulfilling our mission and being economically sustainable.

Instead of paying upfront, is there a “pass the hat” or “donation at the door” option to support Mayday?

Non-profit and volunteer-run groups that are unable to make contributions upfront may be granted usage of the space by the discretion of Mayday staff on a limited basis. Groups can commit to the “pass the hat” option and make a brief pitch for donations  or request that a member of the Mayday crew makes the pitch to event attendees (especially for larger gatherings). There is also the “donation at the door” option where event attendees are asked to chip in at the sign-in/welcome table, often with a sliding-scale suggested contribution included in the events promotional materials. These options require a little more work for the Mayday team, but if needed, both can serve as a good faith effort to defray the costs of running the space.

Is Mayday wheelchair-accessible?

Our first floor space is accessible via the front doors. Unfortunately, the building is old and there is no elevator to reach the second and third floors and bathrooms are located up several steps with narrow stalls. While this is far from ideal, we can direct those in need to accessible bathrooms in the immediate vicinity in neighborhood businesses and Wyckoff Hospital around the corner.

Do you have audio-visual equipment available for use?

We have projectors that can be used in any room. In our big third-floor space, we have a mounted high-quality sound system and plug to play audio from any cell phone or laptop. We have another portable speaker, microphones, cables, a mixer and other equipment all listed here. Groups are asked to chip in $5 for A/V equipment usage and to take extra special care to return all items in their original state (you will be asked to cover costs of lost/broken items). You are welcome to bring in other A/V equipment into the space, just be mindful what is yours so it doesn’t get mixed up with Mayday’s inventory.

What are your set-up and cleanup protocols?

Groups booking the space should include setup and cleanup time in their booking request. Tables and chairs are available and you may arrange them any which way for your event. As a shared community space, we all do our part to keep things nice and tidy and groups using the space are expected to leave things as they found them (or better!). We have clean-up protocol documents for each space to make that easy. For large events on the 3rd floor (especially those involving food/drink) we may ask for a $50 cleaning fee. All groups are expected to sort their trash and recycling and place all items in the appropriate bins. We may not charge for cleanup time, provided you don’t interfere with any space bookings after your event or Mayday crew members aren’t waiting on you past regular hours to finish cleaning in order to close up the building.

Can I cook or serve food/drinks in the space?

You are welcome to bring in outside food (we can recommend local businesses) and also use either the 1st or 3rd floor kitchens if you are booking those spaces. If there is any leftover food you wish to leave behind, please first ask for permission from someone at Mayday, and if granted, label/date any items before placing in fridge. Groups are welcome to make coffee or coffee, we just ask you chip in a few extra dollars or replenish supplies before leaving.  To cut down on waste, you may use our washable dishes/cups/utensils, so long as you wash everything. Groups may BYOB or collect donations for food/drinks, but alcoholic beverages are not to be sold commercially out of the space. No hard liquor is allowed.

Is childcare or language interpretation available for events?

Mayday is a welcoming place for families and people who speak languages other than English. If your event requires interpretation services, we can connect you to volunteers or movement professionals to assist you with your event, particularly with Spanish/English needs. Children are welcome at Mayday and we can likewise contact volunteers or members of childcare collectives to provide on-site assistance while parents/guardians enjoy other activities taking place.



Mayday Space offers its space to organizations who support our mission.

Allowing a party to enter our spaces does not constitute an official endorsement.Therefore, any endorsement will be made explicit by Mayday in a public statement which delineates the reasons for endorsement and the levels of support our organization is providing.

If there is sufficient reason to believe that an entity using space at either venue is in violation of the Mission delineated on the Mayday Space website, please inform us at