Book Mayday!

We are psyched you want to host your event at Mayday! There are a couple steps involved, but we have a quick and easy booking process outlined below:

1) Check out our Frequently Asked Questions page for sliding-scale rates, to see where you fit on the scale, and learn more about how bookings work at Mayday.

2) Check out the rooms, average rates and number of people suitable for each space below.

Great Hall 

Rates range from $20-$180 per hour

Second Floor Main Room 

Second Floor Classrooms

Second Floor Rates range from $10-$90 per hour

3) Fill out our booking form below. Please provide as much information as possible in the form so that we can get back to you quickly.

4) Bookings are processed Monday – Friday 9-11AM. We strive to respond within 24 hours and sometimes need more information before confirming.


  • Book the time you need for setting up. We make our staffing schedules based on the times you request. If you’re event is from 6-9pm, but you need two hours to set up, then you need to book from 4-9:30pm. 
  • Please do not list a handful of dates. If you want to know availability, scroll through our events calendar. You can see everything that is booked or on hold. It is updated in real time. 
  • To see the space before booking, you can email us at requesting a site visit. You can visit on Monday – Wednesday 5-9pm. 

If you are having trouble with the form, please email us at:



Mayday Space offers its space to organizations who support our mission.

Allowing a party to enter our spaces does not constitute an official endorsement.Therefore, any endorsement will be made explicit by Mayday in a public statement which delineates the reasons for endorsement and the levels of support our organization is providing.

If there is sufficient reason to believe that an entity using space at either venue is in violation of the Mission delineated on the Mayday Space website, please inform us at