Work with Mayday Space!

There are no paid job postings with Mayday at the moment. Apart from what is described below, students in need of completing internship requirements for school may contact Mayday to explore partnership options.



Join the Mayday team! We’re looking for folks committed to social justice, community programming, and helping manage a dynamic, collectively-run space.

Based on interest and skill set, lead volunteers will support local outreach, hosting events, enhancing the 3-story building, and working with our team of activists and organizers to dream up creative ways to strengthen grassroots movements.

Preference is given to candidates who can commit to 8 hours a week or more (flexible scheduling) and women, people of color, LGBTQ and immigrants are especially encouraged to apply. Highly desired skills include: good with computers, detail oriented, people-person, graphic design, social media, Spanish proficiency and project management experience.

This is an unpaid position. College students may obtain credits for this work and we encourage student applicants to see if their school’s might offer stipends. This position can open doors to a person that is interested in starting a community organizing career, Mayday Space will provide recommendation letters and share information of other organizing trainings and introduce you to many of the grassroots groups and movement leaders that use the space.

To apply, email us at with “Lead Volunteer” and your name in the subject line along with a resume (if you have one) and a cover letter detailing why you want to work with Mayday.