Who We Are

Mayday is a people-powered project run by the Mayday Collective in tandem with various organizing projects, and a slew of other friends, collaborators and area residents.

Mayday Family Throwdown – our 1st stakeholder assembly (July 2016)

The Mayday Collective

The Collective is where the rubber hits the road. It holds operational power and makes the bulk of organization-wide decisions. It is responsible for Mayday’s health and advancing our social justice mission.

Current Collective members:


Pati Rodriguez is a Bushwick native, born in Ecuador but raised in Brooklyn all her life. Through Mayday she develops programming that caters to the POC immigrant community and has launched empowerment projects such as Mi Casa No Es Su Casa: Illumination Against Gentrification. When not at Mayday, Pati offers legal clinics and Know Your Rights trainings to immigrants, supports organizing efforts with Latinx youth, and is the host and Executive Producer of Loca Vibes Radio.


Lucas Shapiro is dedicated to multi-issue movement-building and works as a human rights educator with the IHP study abroad program. He has been an community organizer with groups such as Families United for Racial and Economic Equality (FUREE) and the West Side Neighborhood Alliance. He draws inspiration for Mayday from his connections to social centers in Spain and is maybe just a little obsessed with political strategy, public policy, popular education…and game nights!


Eliana Perozo is an organizer, writer, and friend. Born in Mobile, Alabama to first generation immigrant parents from Barinas, Venezuela, Eliana has spent most of her life on the move and existing between multiple worlds. Eliana was responsible for co-creating the Mayday Radical Library during her undergraduate internship. She is most proud of her work as co-founder of #SpeakUpSewanee, a movement centering victims/survivors of sexual assault in demanding the revocation of Charlie Rose’s honorary degree from her Alma Mater, Sewanee: The University of the South. While she’s studied human rights broadly, she is most passionate about migration studies, the body as a radical tool for organizing, and storytelling. Eliana has participated in direct action on a local and national level. She enjoys running, gabbing forever, cooking for her loved ones, and biking all around New York.

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LJ Amsterdam creates opportunities for folks to take courageous action. As a direct action trainer and a dancer, she believes that our bodies are the building blocks of community power. For the past decade LJ has created making-spaces and mobilizing-spaces for young folks through music, movement, and political education. Her organizing work concentrates on issues of indigenous solidarity, mass incarceration, and militarization. Currently, she trains for the Ruckus Society, Center for Story-Based Strategy, Frailty Myths, and in de-escalation, community defense, and how white people can come correct.

Samantha Desire is a long time Brooklyn based organizer, as well as, a Brooklyn native. As a passionate advocate and organizer, much of her community work has focused on issues affecting youth and children; as a mentor and educator, she has been an advocate of educational opportunity for over 15 years. Since 2010, she has helped to coordinate multiple local Haitian relief efforts. Since 2013 Samantha has been a core coordinating volunteer of the Left Forum conference. Samantha obtained her Masters Degree in Political Science with a concentration in Urban Policy and Public Administration from Brooklyn College.



Zyad Hammad‘s interest in post-colonialism drove him to leave his native California for a more international New York. Though he has a background in education and human rights, his immediate goal is to promote collaboration, skill sharing, and horizontal decision-making in grassroots institutions which aim to serve the most marginalized communities. A self-taught jack-of-all-trades, he takes an active approach in supporting others who share the vision that only thoughtful political acts will bring us closer to a just future. R&B, the ocean, and film from the 70s are his mainstays.


Josh Carrera, a New Yorker born and raised, grew up in Lefrak City, Ridgewood and Bushwick. He left NYC in 2008 to study natural resources planning and economics in Vermont and Latin America. After college, Josh returned to NYC and joined the Mayday Collective in 2015 and as staff member in the spring of 2019. As PROJECT COORDINATOR, Josh oversees volunteer management, bookings, and programming. He is excited about activating the space with events that infuse political education and fun programming such as film nights, book clubs, and dance classes. In his free time, Josh likes to ride his bike and blast freestyle from his portable speakers (Silent Morning!!!).

Rahel Vesper Picture

Rahel Biru joins the Mayday family as our HOST & CARETAKER, keeping the space welcoming, tidy, and well-organized for everyone holding events here. Using her aversion to clutter and sentimentality, Rahel has been able to streamline internal procedures and reorganize companies of over 200 people. She has worked in many industries and offices of various sizes is excited to bring those characteristics to something that shares her values and commitment to positive change. Rahel is one of the co-chairs for the largest chapter of the Democratic Socialists of America and is happy to answer questions about it!

Affiliated Projects

Mayday affiliated projects are housed out of our space and self-organize their own events and initiatives while sharing Mayday’s commitments to social justice. Some projects run regular programming and others fluctuate based on capacity and seasonal priorities: