Mayday is a people-powered project and we rely on you and our extended community for support.

Here’s how you can make a financial contribution to Mayday:

1. Become a Sustainer: You can become a Mayday Sustainer for as little as $5/month through subscribing to our Paypal account. Your modest monthly contribution is income we can rely on to run the space and continue to grow (read more our Sustainer program below). To sign up, click on the PayPal Donate links below and select “Make This Recurring” after entering your monthly donation amount.

20 Dollars 50 Dollars 150 Dollars

2. Make a one-time donation: Bigger contributions allow us to more fully reach our transformative potential and are most greatly appreciated! To make a one-time contribution, select the Donate button above.

3. Make a tax-deductible donation: For tax-deductible donations send a check to our friends and fiscal sponsors at the Watershed Center.

Make the check out to: “The Watershed Center” and in the memo area, write in “For Mayday Community Space.”

Mail it to: The Watershed Center 44 Kaye Street, Millerton NY 12546

WHY BECOME A SUSTAINER?  For as little as $5 a month, you can support the space that is strengthening our movements and providing a new political home for a growing number of people like yourself. We’re counting on our extended community to invest in our collective success, and your support makes it possible for us to:

  • Offer our space at low/no cost to more grassroots groups for organizing meetings, workshops and trainings
  • Prepare meals that create community and nourish our movements with help from our budding Kitchen Collective
  • Cover expenses to keep our shared building tidy and well-organized while activating all three floors of programmable space
  • Produce colorful outreach materials to expand our presence within Bushwick and citywide

This is literally a gift that keeps on giving as it brings in a modest stream of resources we can rely on to invest back into hosting the gatherings, workshops, cultural events and movement art-making projects you come to Mayday for in the first place.

Becoming a Sustainer is easy via our on-line secure donation page (link above) and contributions at higher monthly levels ($10, $20, $50, $100) allow us to go that much further. Whether you are signing up as one of the Fabulous First 50 or are just giving a one-time, tax-deductible contribution, we’re immensely grateful for your support!