Mayday faces major challenges as our doors are closed to regular programming and we can’t sustain ourselves by booking our space. We know we are far from alone in this, but we want to be transparent with our community about our financial situation to ensure our survival as a project that uplifts social justice movements during and beyond the COVID-19 crisis. 

Our mutual aid work: We’ve shifted our work, our volunteer base, and the capacity of our small staff to focus on mutual aid efforts. Currently, we are partnering with other community based orgs to assemble and deliver hundreds of bags of donated food to public housing residents and low-income families in Bushwick each week. Additionally, we continue to be an organizing hub by running weekly virtual programming events to keep our community connected and fired up, and helping with citywide coordination of relief efforts.  

Our financial needs: Mayday has always been a scrappy operation with very little support from foundations or major donors. Booking our space, running classes, and memberships account for the vast majority of our revenue. Without income from bookings, we’re projecting that we’ll have to dip into our very limited savings soon. 

In order to complete the year without depleting our savings and to keep our staff employed and insured, our current estimate is that Mayday needs to raise $25,000. 

Where you should donate: We welcome our supporters to join us as Members or to make one-time tax-deductible contributions if you believe in the work we’re doing. We also encourage people to donate directly to other mutual aid relief efforts and to funds supporting struggling families and workers excluded from federal stimulus dollars. This is a critical time for wealth redistribution and structural change.

In addition to supporting Mayday, here are direct links to support some of our immediate grassroot collaborators for COVID-19 response: Universe City & Bushwick Mutual Aid

Mayday has a vital role to play in helping our communities get through this crisis and building power with you to change the future. Thank you to everyone who can afford to support us through these hard times.



Mayday is a people-powered project and we rely on you and our extended community for support. Invest in infrastructure that helps grassroots movements grow. Here’s how you can make a financial contribution:

Become a Member: For as little as $5/month you can become a Mayday Member via our Withfriends page. Members are part of our beloved family of co-conspirators who also get Mayday merch, discounts, and invitations to special events. To sign up as a Member, click here and choose to give either monthly or annually. 

Make a one-time tax-deductible donation: Bigger contributions allow us to more fully reach our transformative potential and are most greatly appreciated! To make a one-time contribution, select ‘Support Once’ on our Withfriends page.

WHAT DO YOUR DOLLARS DO?  Your support helps strengthen our movements by providing a political home for a growing number of people like yourself. We’re counting on friends and lovers of justice to invest in our collective success, and your support makes it possible for us to:

    • Offer our space at low/no cost to more grassroots groups for organizing meetings, workshops, trainings, and dynamic cultural programming
    • Develop more Mayday-sponsored public events and classes that addresses the critical issues of justice in our communities and our world (often with food, childcare, interpretation, etc.)
    • Cover expenses to keep our shared building tidy and well-organized while activating both floors of usable space
    • Produce colorful outreach materials to expand our presence within Bushwick and citywide
    • Support our small staff team of local residents to help manage the space and coordinate with our volunteer leadership team and other stakeholders like you!

Become a member today at: https://withfriends.co/mayday_space/join